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Until 2017, battle royale games existed only as mods for other large online games, and thanks to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds for the birth of a full-fledged genre. Its overwhelming success meant one thing - soon we will be facing clones and other games similar to PUBG (and for low spec PCs as well).

We have updated our rating and divided the games into three categories:

  1. Top - what is really worth your attention.
  2. Outsiders - niche games, or those who have not received their recognition.
  3. Dead - no one plays them anymore and they are removed from distribution.




We have included must have games in this category, which are definitely not worth passing by. These are top projects, either of very high quality, or taking a huge bite off the battleroyale market and the attention of players around the world.

    Fortnite  Battle Royale (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

    A scandalous clone that appeared one of the first a few months after the release of PUBG on PC. Fortnite is developed by Epic Games, which is also the developer of the Unreal Engine 4, which powers both games. Epic Games and PUBG Corp have been cooperating to this day, and at that time it was a surprise for Greene that their partner released his own project, copying the mechanics.

    The game is free, and the cartoon graphics can be played comfortably even on weak computers. There are some unique game mechanics, like building structures of shelters (which is an important component of the gameplay and you need to loot materials). Also pace is a bit higher, compared to PUBG, there is no blood at all, and graphics is very catroonish.


    Apex Legends

    The developers at Respawn Entertainment who gave us the Titanfall series were the real heroes of early 2019, announcing and releasing Apex Legends on the same day.

    But they became heroes due to the fact that the eternal mockery "PUBG is definitely dead now" seems to be as close as possible to the truth this time. Within a few days after the release of Apex, more than 10 million players downloaded and played (for comparison, the mega-popular Fortnite took more than 2 weeks to do this), and now the number of players is already over 25 million. It's a success at the start, but can they maintain it?

    Distinctive features:

    • there are several legends available in the game - character classes, each of which has unique abilities that create endless combinations of situations and tactics on the battlefield;
    • the only mode available is squad for units of three people, solo is promised a little bit later;
    • disembarkation from the plane is commanded by one person from the squad, he determines the point and teammates fly side by side with him, but if desired, they can bud off by holding down the corresponding button;
    • a killed comrade can be resurrected by collecting a "banner" from his cooled carcass and installing it in a special device - the brother will return to the battlefield from the plane, but he will have to loot again.


    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Blackout

    During the hysteria for battle royale games, it seems that it is impossible to surprise the experienced gamer, who spent 1000 hours in the bushes of Erangel and built skyscrapers in Fortnite. Blackout is a mode in the new Call of Duty Black Ops 4 that is painfully similar to PUBG. Only with a significant exception - Blackout can still compete with PUBG, unlike many other projects.

    Huge budgets allocated for the development of the next series of soap operas called Call of Duty went where they should and the result was at least impressive. The gameplay is painfully familiar: 88 people jump out of the helicopter and fight for survival. At the very beginning only five items and two weapons can be placed in the bag. There are unique boosts, for example, hearing the footsteps of enemies louder or highlighting the loot around the player. In addition to ground transport, there are helicopters.

    The recoil is not as realistic as in PUBG. making it much easier to control the spray. All weaponry is fictional. On the other hand, the movement of players is many times more dynamic, for example, first-aid kits can be used right on the move and in a couple of seconds. As a result, the physics of shooting itself is simpler, but this does not mean at all that it is easy to hit the jumping and rolling enemies.

    Another feature of Blackout is the presence of zombies under the control of AI. Moreover, often they do not just hang around, but perform an important task - they guard the top loot. Killed zombies drop ammo, first aid kits, and even unique weapons (such as a beam cannon). But do not linger behind the fun activity of shooting off their heads - other players may come to the noise.

    Matches take place quickly, about 20 minutes each, and 40% of players die in the first 5 minutes, landing in the hot spots.


    Call of Duty: Warzone (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

    Yes, one more CoD. Over the years of its existence, the game has turned into a real Santa Barbara from the gaming world. Only the most devoted fan will be able to understand all the parts of this multi-series.

    However, hello and meet another and relatively new Battle Royale in the COD universe - Warzone. Consider it as an updated Blackout.

    Instead of searching for weapons on the map, you can purchase weapons. It supports up to 150 players in one battle. Available modes: solo, a squad of 3 and 4 players.

    There is a unique resurrection mechanic: after the death of a player, they are placed in a "gluag", a small location in the form of a prison, where a duel takes place between two dead players with the same weapon. The winner returns to the battlefield.

    Warzone has two modes: Battle Royale and Plunder.

    In first mode you have to kill them all, in second teams compete in the loot, whoever collects a million scattered around the map wins.

    The battles are taking place in the fictional city of Verdansk. Various vehicles are available for players: from cars to ATVs and helicopters.

    In the first month Activision reported 50 million downloads of Warzone.


    Battlefield V: Firestorm

    Firestorm is a battle royale-style multiplayer mode in Battlefield 5. Solo or 16 teams of 4 fight on the map, the last surviving platoon wins. Duo mode will be added in April 2019.

    Other features: destructible buildings, the ability to use the guns installed on the map, as well as 17 types of equipment (tanks, armored personnel carriers, motorcycles, boats, tractors and even a helicopter). The narrowing zone is represented as a circle blazing in fire.


    battlefield 5 firestorm helicopter


    The mode was not launched with the release of the Battlefield V, but was released later. Developers were actively working and completing features together with the gaming community. The developers promise not to stop and claim that the release is only the first spark.

    Firestorm will expand upon release with new features and enhancements available to all Battlefield V players in Tides of War. Among them is the testing of the duo mode - it will appear in the game in April as part of Chapter 3: "Trial by Fire".



    This category includes games:

    • not popular among Chicken Dinner fans,
    • niche projects for a narrow audience,
    • low budget games,
    • as well as games whose best times are over.

    However, some games are worth checking out!


    Dying Light: Bad Blood

    Perhaps, among all other games presented in this list, Bad Blood is minimally similar to PUBG, this it is both a plus and a minus. This is not an add-on to the Dying Light, but, as the developers called it, Brutal Royale - a mode made in a separate game.

    A total of 12 players take part in each game, the goal of which consists of two stages:

    1.  collect the required number of blood samples,
    2.  evacuate by helicopter.

    Moreover, each blood sample is guarded by zombies, and the further you go, the more serious the opponents become. And if you kill the player, then you can take all his blood samples that he got before.

    Weapons are assembled and upgraded from items collected on the map. For the sake of gameplay, weapon crafting and upgrading have been minimized to the most simple mechanics - there are several slots for weapons and items. One improvement can be applied to each weapon by selecting the corresponding part in the slot. And each blood sample collected increases health.


    Fun, fast. For fans of the Dying Light series and fans of gore, parkour, zombies and severed limbs - a must have. The rest may not enjoy, but it's worth a try.



    Ring of Elisium (ROE)

    With its setting and spirit, the game resembles the illegitimate miscarriage son of PUBG and Apex Legends. The developers took a can and poured into it a huge number of game mechanics (hooks, rock climbing and mountaineering, hang gliding and even snowboarding), sprinkled it all with a visuals reminiscent of PUBG, robot skins, shook it well and it turned out what happened.

    On the whole, it turned out well and even playable.

    The match takes place at the resort, which is approaching a storm (analogous to the circles in PUBG). There can be up to 4 winners even in solo mode. The players appear without getting off the plane, but simply by choosing a point on the map.


    Rules of Survival (ROS, PC, mobile)

    The first battle royal for as many as 300 players in one match! 300, Karl! This is too much, is it?

    However, it was never destined to become a PUBG killer. Initially, Rules of Survival was created for mobile platforms and the entire engine and mechanics were sharpened specifically for mobile.

    ROS is very similar to Fortnite, but with less cartoonish graphics and without all this construction stuff. Visually, they wanted to draw the picture closer to PUBG.



    You are a prisoner who was dropped on the island along with other scum of society. The goal is to survive. The map is huge. The mechanics are unique. In fact, the game is similar to PUBG only externally, but if you dig deeper, it becomes clear that you can't call it a clone.

    Just look at the mechanics of the game. In addition to looting weapons and ammunition, you need to monitor endurance, hunger, vitamin levels, eat on time, and also ... go to the toilet. There are no narrowing circles or a goal to kill the entire server - the game continues as long as your character is alive. You can leave the server and return to the game without losing progress.

    Besides the usual players, there are zombies on the island. In addition, the corpses of killed players eventually become zombies themselves, come to life and stand up in the hope of getting themselves brains for dinner.

    Scum looks more like Rust than Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.


    Arma 3 - Battle Royale MOD

    This is not a game similar to PUBG, but its progenitor. With this mod (more precisely, with the version for Arma 2), Brendan Greene began his journey in the gaming industry, who later created PUBG. Therefore, Battle Royale is not even an analogue, but rather a father. There are familiar mechanics here - from airborne landing at the beginning of the round and bombing (red zone) to narrowing circles.

    It is worth noting the negative side - you need to buy Arma 3. And this mod is not suitable for weak PCs, since the Arma engine is quite gluttonous. But the owners of powerful systems will be able to enjoy plenty of gorgeous views, physics and ballistics.


    Z1 Battle Royale (H1Z1: King of the Kill)

    150 players begin by disembarking from the plane with their bare hands and then, already on the ground, they begin to search for everything with which they will kill their opponents. In addition to other gamers, zombies and other dangers may come across, for example, gas, similar to the circles in PUBG, eventually driving players to one point on the map.

    h1z1 похожая на Pubg

    When the game was in early access prior to the release of PUBG, many complained about stagnation and few changes. Nevertheless, the project is quite playable and has its own permanent audience. And recently there was a huge update and game changed it name from H1Z1 to Z1 Battle Royal.

    By the way, Brendan Greene also had a hand in this game (at an early stage, when it was still a mod), but mainly as a consultant.

    ARK: Survival of the Fittest (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

    Originally a mod for Ark: Survival Evolved, the game became fully operational in 2016. 72 players participate in the battle, you can form tribes consisting of 1 to 6 players (analogous to squads). There are both official servers with achievements and ranks, and unofficial ones to choose from.

    At the beginning of each round, all players are dramatically teleported to the center of the map, where many valuable resources and weapons are located. The player has a choice - to fight for resources (lucky if you manage to pick up some stick) or immediately run into the forest and hide.

    ark sotf

    More than 30 animals (spiders, dragons, gorillas, etc.), which you can tame and ride, crushing your opponents. Random "evolutionary events" can take you by surprise - how do you like the sudden onset of acid rain or fog?


    Rust: Battle Royale mod (PC, Mac)

    A first-person shooter, much like ARK, but without all those dinosaurs. Battle Royale is a Rust mod developed by Intoxicated Gaming.

    rust battle royale

    At the beginning of the round, you do not parachute, but peacefully wake up with a minimum of loot in your hands. Weapons can be collected in houses, and a narrowing circle, outside of which damage is done, narrows over time to the very center of the map (and not randomly, as in PUBG).


    DayZ: Battle Royale mod (PC)

    DayZ turned into a full-fledged game from a mod for Arma 2, and only then, on the basis of a stand-alone project, a Battle Royale mod appeared for DayZ itself. If you want to see what PUBG grew out of in the early stages of Brendan Greene's creation, you can try this mod.

    To play in this mode, you need to find the "battle royale" servers in the list of available ones.


    Fear the wolves

    Meet the clone of the Survarium game (we don't see the need to make a separate description about it), which in turn tries to repeat PUBG. They have one developer - Vostok Games (from GSC Game World, the creator of STALKER - this explains the similarity in game design), but before they finished Survarium, they began to make a new game where one should be afraid of wolves. It turns out a mix of clones on Stalker, PUBG and themselves.

    The game starts in the lobby near the helicopter, and a minimum of 20 players are required to start the match. Places with hot loot are marked in orange on the map as well as several types of armor, air drops and other very familiar things.

    The name of the game is justified by the wolves running around the location. When they meet a person, they begin to howl, calling other wolves in the area to attack in a pack. They are not particularly dangerous.

    Instead of circles, there are square zones, which one after another are filled with radiation.

    The game is currently in early access and abounds in lags, FPS drawdowns, as well as low online.

    Realm Royale

    Fortnite-style battle royale, but don't be fooled. The similarity between them is only at first glance due to the cartoon graphics. At the very beginning, you need to choose a character class from five possible: warrior, engineer, assassin, magician, hunter. Each of them has its own unique set of characteristics and abilities, which brings variety to the gameplay. Taking different classes, playing in a platoon, you can combine a unique game.

    There are several types of chests in the game, from which you can get weapons, armor, potions.

    The funniest part is when you kill someone - they become a chicken and you have to kill them one more time, or they will be back to life.

    Infestation: The New Z

    A zombie game with three modes:

    1. Survival.
    2. Open World.
    3. Battle Royale - is why the game got into this article.
    new z

    This free PUBG counterpart is the official sequel to War Z, made by the new development team. In New Z, players start out as standard with empty pockets, and as they move across the map, they can build up a substantial arsenal that will make it easier to destroy opponents.


    Death Toll

    Another parody of PUBG, but with a little bit of personality dust. From the official description of the game on Steam, it is clear that this is half Battle Royale, and the other half is capture of the flag.

    death toll кдон pubg

    The uniqueness of the project is added by the presence in the game not only of conventional, civilian transport, but also of heavy weapons: tanks, armored personnel carriers, bazookas and even aircraft. The game is currently in pre-alpha version, so there are still a lot of bugs in it. You can get acquainted with the gameplay by watching a few videos on Youtube.



    The cherry on top of the game lies in the gameplay randomization technology - each new round promises to be unique due to the fact that the location will not be similar to the previous one.

    The game has several modes, one of which is very similar to PUBG: survival in which you have to fight against zombies and other players.

    Soundtrack plays a very important role. Sounds can be used as distracting maneuvers, for example, calling one of the players' mobile phone (which can be used as navigation), you can distract his attention.


    Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

    A futuristic first-person shooter in Battle Royale mode, inspired by the films Battle Royale and The Hunger Games. 3 arenas with constantly shrinking zones and only one winner at the end of the round.

    In each round, 100 players fight, landing in their "underwear" as usual. The gambling part has also been developed - you can put in-game currency on a specific player and team. Moreover, the betting system is quite flexible - you can bet both on a win and on entering the TOP 10, for example.

    CRSED: F.O.A.D.

    Well, the jokes are over. CRSED is a son of Cuisine Royale, which is officially dead now, sacrificing itself to give a try to a new game. CRSED: F.O.A.D. is tanking place of "kitchen wars".

    Steam page states that it is a brutal MMO last-man-standing shooter with realistic weaponry, elements of lethal mystic forces and incredible superpowers.

    It is running on the same engine, as Cuisine, but developers thought that adding more seriousness will be a good thing and removed all pans and pots.

    Dead games

    These games have faced their end-of-life, but we think it is woth keeping them here just for history.


    PUBG Lite (PC, mobile)

    • Release date: january 2019 in Thailand, october 2019 - Europe.
    • Closed: 29th of april 2021.
    • Price: free
    • Website: https://lite.pubg.com

    Related article - why developers closed PUBG Lite.

    PUBG Lite is a free version of Steam PUBG, but with simplified graphics and lowered system requirements for low spec PC's. Light version retained all the mechanics from it's big brother and is a some kind of transitional game between Steam and mobile.


    At first glance, the games are very similar: they share a common mechanic, and the differences are only cosmetic. But not everything is so simple, PUBG Lite differs from the Steam PUBG very much. The main ones are: low graphics, fast loot, a lot of bots and the new Team Deathmatch 4x4 mode.


    You can download PUBG Lite only form official website, it is not supported on Steam.

    Last Man Standing

    This game, similar to PUBG, is free. 100 players land at random places on the map, weapons and supplies are scattered throughout the location. There is a familiar circle for everyone, which narrows the combat zone, constantly increasing the dynamics of the gameplay. There is no transport in the game, as well as a special need for it - the map is much smaller than its counterpart from PUBG.

    The Culling (PC, Xbox One)

    16 players have 25 minutes to explore, collect loot, craft weapons, build traps, hunt and kill each other. As the developers promise, there hasn't been such a brutal, focused and adrenaline-filled battle royale game yet.


    Cuisine Royale

    This game was actually made as a joke, that took us too far )))

    The creators of this game literally took the catch phrase "Winner, winner, chiken dinner" and made a parody of all the battle royale games, including PUBG. The creators did not even try to do something serious. The whole game is one big joke. Pots, pans, scoops, basins, scoops - here these are weapons and armor, and as a backpack - bags. This explains the name "Royal Cuisine".

    Initially, the project was planned as an April Fool's joke, but it has grown into a full-fledged stand-alone game.


    The game about dudes with buckets on their heads looks like PUBG only at first glance: all players start naked and need to kill and survive while collecting loot. But the developers of Intershelter decided not to stop there and added to the game difficulties in the form of escape capsules, bunkers in which the capsules are hidden and batteries, with which you can put power into the bunker to open it. Thus, completing quests is added to the mechanics of collect-kill-survive.

    This article is constantly updated with new games as they are announced or launched. Stay tuned!

    Write in the comments which battle royale games you would add to our list and we will definitely consider them!

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