Why PUBG Lite was closed?

why pubg lite was closed

PUBG Lite is dead, long live  PUBG!

No one expected, no one guessed, but the developers announced the closure of the project.


  • 30 march 2021 - official website is closed, game is no longer available for download;
  • 29 april 2021 - game is closed, servers are shut down;
  • 29 may 2021 - end of player support.


No one knows official version. There is only a small letter on game's webite, stating that this decision was hard and was made after long discussions

Официальную версию никто не знает. Есть лишь небольшое письмо на сайте игры, в котором указано, что решение было трудным и принималось после длительных споров:

К сожалению, после долгих споров нам пришлось принять трудное решение и прекратить поддержку проекта. Наше путешествие подходит к концу. С прискорбием сообщаем, что поддержка PUBG LITE завершится 29 апреля 2021 года.

pubg lite closure letter from developers
Official website was looking like that. Only letter, nothing else.


There are few unofficial versions:

  1. Game develoment is a business. Like any other business, you have to ged rid of of weak assets. There is  Разработка игр - бизнес. Как в любом бизнесе, необходимо избавляться от слабых активов. There is a version that PUBG Lite did not bring enough money.
  2. The outflow of players from the "big brother" to Light. Many players switched to the free lite version. By killing Lite, the company has ceased to compete with itself.
  3. Lack of developers. Now they are creating a regular PUBG, PUBG Mobile, as well as a new mobile - New State. With such a scope, you need to concentrate on the most important.


What are the alternatives to PUBG Lite?

We have a separate article with games like PUBG, you have to look at it.

As for the light version itself, a group of independent developers are now creating PUBG Lite Reborn.

This is not a continuation of the game, but a project created from scratch by a group of fans.

So far, the guys have no problems with copyrights, but many are sure that this is only a matter of time.


The game is at a very early stage of development!


Will PUBG Lite be available again?

The developers didn't say anything about it. Personally, I'm sure not, as the focus has now shifted to other projects.

But never say never...

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