Training mode in PUBG

training mode in pubg

The complex ballistic model of the behavior of weapons in PUBG divides players into two camps - some people like it madly, while others find such a solution insanely difficult, missing the way it happens in CS:GO - bullets fly to a point without delay and complex curved trajectories, Training mode was needed for a long time.

But both of them always lacked practice, since the price of a mistake in a normal match is too high - after death, you have to start all over again.



Why training mode is needed

First of all - to improve basic skills and familiarize yourself with weapons and their behavior when firing. Shooting in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is very difficult to master.

In training ground, you can:

  • shoot from any weapon in the game;
  • use attachments and see in practice their effect on the behavior of weapons and dispersion (compensators, silencers, fore-end, etc.);
  • use the shooting range aims at different distances;
  • ride a vehicle, jump from trampolines, study the physics of game behavior;
  • skydive.

At the same time, it is impossible to die during training (as well as destroy vehicles), since health decreases to a critical level and remains at this level. You can use first-aid kits, but there is no sense in them.

How to enter training mode?

On the main screen, click on the large button "Training mode".

You appear together with other players, 30 minutes are given for training, however, most players leave already within the first 10 minutes and their immobilized characters remain on the map. But this should not interfere with the main task - mastering the weapons.


pubg карта режима тренировки

The total size is 2 by 2 km, while the island itself takes up even less space.

List of main locations:

  • hangars and tables with weapons and equipment;
  • two shooting ranges for 400 and 800 meters;
  • urban combat training area (Urban Combat):
  • racing track with jumps;
  • parachute school or Jump School;
  • port/Docks);
  • bridge;
  • parking lots, filling stations;
  • district road.


Main places

training mode
The shooting range is located near the player's spawn point.


shooting range
A large shooting range at 800 meters, rifles and supplies lie nearby.


shooting range 800 meters pubg
Hitting a target at a distance of 800 meters is not so easy.
The setting "Shooting distance" can help with this.
(default buttons are Page UP \ Page Down).


pubg hangar with supplies and ammunition
Next to the shooting range is a large hangar with weapons, supplies and equipment.


weapons in training mode
The weapons are neatly arranged on the tables.


ammunition in training mode
Ammunition lies separately in the corner. Appear again after a couple of seconds on the table, if taken.


parachute pubg
Jump School is indicated by a parachute on the map.


jump school pubg
Approach the table inside and press F.


pubg parachute jump training
And in a moment we are in the air.
They offer to sit on the marked zones.


pubg jump school
It should turn out something like this.


Particular attention in the PUBG training mode should be given to learning spray control (or recoil control). In the game, you can count a huge number of ways of firing:

  • hipfire,
  • scope,
  • as well as a huge number of variations: standing, sitting, lying, in motion.

As you can see, there can be a huge number of combinations. As an example, the screenshot below shows two cases of firing from the beloved M416 rifle:

  1. on the left - with top attachments (compensator, angled handguard, tactical stock);
  2. on the right - without attachments, "naked" weapon.
pubg spray control
The difference in spread between with and without attachments.


Practice, improve your skills, win!

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