What is TPP and FPP in PUBG?

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PUBG has two modes with obscure abbreviations. But it's very simple once you figure it out.


  • TPPThird Person Perspective, when you can see the body of your game character.
  • FPPFirst Person Perspective, when looking out of the character's eyes.


When playing in third person, you can switch to first person and back by pressing the V key.
However, this option is not available in first person mode.

TPP Features

TPP, third-person mode, is considered more light and casual mode for beginners. Many players consider it "cheating" because of the ability to look around the corners of houses, doorways, window openings and other obstacles without the risk of being noticed.

This allows you to create ambushes while remaining completely undetected, and also contributes to a large number of campers in each match.

Let's highlight other features:

  • wider view;
  • easier to drive vehicles;
  • when you hold down the left ALT, you can rotate the camera by 360 degrees.

What about FPP?

FPP, first-person, on the contrary, is dearly loved, especially by professional players, as well as top streamers. This mode is considered to be more fair, sporty and "cleaner" in terms of equal chances, as there is no way to look out without going unnoticed.

First-person features:

  • you can't look out without going unnoticed;
  • review a little narrower;
  • a completely different atmosphere, the effect of complete immersion;
  • it's harder to see enemies, but it's also harder for enemies to see you;
  • because of all of the above — there are no rats and campers (or there are much fewer of them).

In FPP mode, a skill called "quick peek" gained its popularity.

This is when a player has mastered the skill of quickly peeking with the Q and E keys. Many players have sharpened this skill to such heights that they are able to peek out and give a headshot to the enemy in a split second.


Comparison of different modes, video version

Can TPP and FPP play together?

Kind of. As I wrote in the beginning, you can switch to FPP while playing TPP, but not vice versa. If you play FPP there is no way to switch back to third person, while in match.


What to choose and in what mode to play - you decide. Try it here and there.

My advice is FPP as it is more complex, fair and interesting.

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