How is PUBG Lite different from regular PUBG in Steam?

how pubg lite is different

PUBG Lite came out in 50 countries on 10-th october 2019. Let's see how exactly it differs from its older brother - PUBG on PC.

Main PUBG Lite differences

You can count a couple of dozen discrepancies with the "large" version of the game, but let's start with the main ones.

PUBG Lite is some kind of transitional between Steam and mobile versions. There are lot of mobile version mechanics here.

  • Free. You don't need to pay for PUBG Lite. Game is not available in Steam and you need to download special launcher and register an account to play it. Regular Playerunknown's Battlegrounds for PC in steam price is between $11 and $36, depending on your country.
  • Low system requirements. Lite version can run even on old calculators, weak notebooks and I'm sure, that your grandma's fridge will do the job without any problems. All for the sake of high FPS and performance.
системные требования pubg lite


  • Simplified graphics. PUBG Lite is made especially for weak PCs, textures are low resolution, the number of polygons has been reduced to the maximum possible level.
  • Simplified physics, shooting and ballistics - these aspects are also "tweaked" to reduce computing power for client side and game servers.
  • Simplified locations and objects - fewer parts, elements, furniture in houses, less garbage on the camps, etc.
  • FPS goal - a setting that rigidly sets the minimum FPS value and the game engine will automatically adjust the graphics quality so that the FPS you specified does not fall below the set mark.
  • Very fast loot - compared to the "big" PUBG, the speed of picking up items is simply cosmic.

New 4x4 mode

2 teams of 4 people meet on a small map with a hangar in the middle. Weapons, ammunition and body kits are laid out around spawn points.

pubg lite team deathmatch
Second mode name is Team Deathmatch.


pubg lite respawn base
You can chose weapon on your base.

At the beginning of each round, you can load any weapon setup for yourself. There are no first-aid kits, painkillers or energy drinks - health is restored automatically over time.

If you're killed:

  • you reappear on your respawn,
  • you no longer need to collect your weapon again - after reviving it is restored together with the player;
  • immediately after respawning, there are several seconds of immortality in order to make it possible to survive if the enemies camp right at your base.


pubg lite 4x4

The goal is to score a total of 40 points by the team (1 frag = 1 point). Whoever picks up faster is a winner.



We talked about the changes that immediately caught the eye, now the time has come for more subtle matters, not noticeable at first look.

Disclaimer: at the time I was playing the game all of these was true, but PUBG Lite is evolving, so some of listed things may be outdated.

  • Some latest patch features are not available, for example you cannot turn off the vehicle engine. Developers are catching up such moments and they've added the ability to heal on the go recently.
  • You cannot "cook" the grenade - in normal PUBG you can prepare grenades with "R" button to remove the pin, but you can't do this in Lite version.
  • No weapon characteristics comparison. When pointing at a new weapon, its characteristics are not shown in comparison with the current one.
  • Weapon attachments are installed automatically. This is one of my favorite PUBG Lite features. When picking up the weapon, all suitable attachments from the backpack will be installed on it automatically. Moreover, the type of the raised gun is taken into account, for example, if you raise the sniper, and you have a collimator sight and x4, then x4 will be installed on it.
  • Faster movements. I'm not sure if this 100% true, but purely according to my subjective feelings, all movements occur a little faster than in the Steam version of the game. Running, squatting, strafing, quick peaks and other changes of the body occur more smoothly and quickly.
  • No stun effect from grenades. Or it is minimized. Usually, when a grenade is thrown into a house, but it explodes behind a wall or on another floor, player is stunned and a squeak is heard in the ears. I did not notice this in PUBG Lite.
  • No replay recording, no deathcam. You cannot watch the death camera from the perspective of the player who killed you. But recently they added an observer mode for the one who killed you.


There are bots in every battle.

It is very easy to distinguish them from real players - humans will most likely kill you (or at least try), and bots in PUBG Lite act like silly dummies.

  • They do not shoot from far, they mainly conduct close combat. Even in open space, in the field, for example, he will first try to close the distance and will run... run towards you towards the leaden hail.
  • Bots appear from out of nowhere. You could run across an empty field, and the bot appears behind you.
    They see poorly, especially at long distances.
  • Poor loot. Often they only take one type of weapon and some ammo. Lucky if you find a helmet or armor on him.
  • They gather for different noise. They are attracted by gunshots, explosions, breaking windows, footsteps and other loud noises.
  • Often they are blunt, turning their backs to you, or burying their faces against the wall and standing.
  • They shoot badly. Bots do not know how to aim at all. Even if he comes to you from the back and starts to smack, it will be the safest place on the whole map, you can safely go AFK, make yourself some tea, watch a couple of episodes of "Rick and Morty", and the bot will never leave unsuccessful attempts to even hit you.
  • They use shelters poorly, there is no instinct for self-preservation at all, and you can not even talk about quick peaks.
  • They also have very pale nicknames. Either there are a lot of numbers at the end, or they are compiled on a not very successful nickname generator. It is difficult to explain, but ordinary players mock their nicknames much more refined than bots.

How to understand how many bots are in the game? A lot of them! As many bots are added to each battle to end up with 100 players. Bots don't jump out of an airplane, so it's easier to count real players by the number of parachutes.


Only two kinds of custom matches

пользовательские матчи pubg lite

There are only two modes available: 4x4 and normal.



The minimap, as well as the full-size map, also received some changes.

Direction of shots on the minimap

If there is a shootout next to you, or they are already shooting at you, an indicator appears on the minimap indicating the direction of the source of the shot. In other words, it becomes much easier to understand where they are shooting from.


pubg lite direction of shots on the minimap
Roughly speaking, the red marker points in the direction of the enemy shooting.

In general, the feature is useful, but sometimes, on the contrary, it distracts, since you have to look at the map instead of the crosshair of the sight.

Markers and player points on the map

расстояние до точки маркера в пабг лайт

If you put a point on the map, it will show the trajectory and distance from your current position. It is useful when getting out of the plane to more accurately determine whether it will be possible to fly or not.

Transport mark

Used vehicles are marked with a green mark.

отметка транспорта на миникарте pubg lite

Now it will be very difficult to lose it and you will not have to put additional points.



We talked about the differences, but PUBG Lite is also much like a regular Steam PUBG.

  • The size of the maps - in some places there are fewer objects, but the overall size has remained unchanged.
  • Weapons, apart from some of the guns from the latest updates, match the characteristics of the Steam version of the game.
  • The familiar controls from a big PUBG can be recreated in Light.

Questions and answers

Can PUBG Lite and PUBG play together?

Unfortunately no. Games are very different, as evidenced by the huge list of inconsistencies in this article. It is physically impossible to tie such different games together. If your friend plays the regular version through Steam, and you downloaded the Light, alas, you are not destined to play together.


How to share items, ammo, and other loot?

In the same way as in regular PUBG:

  • to quickly throw off exactly half - hold down the left ALT + right click on the item;
  • to throw the exact amount - right CTRL + also right click — a number input field will appear.


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